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Who We Serve

What good is growth tomorrow if your assets aren’t protected today? This is the question that drives everything we do here at Moxy Financial Group. Our clients span many life stages, including young savers, working professionals, and retirees. Our clients often share similar values as our advisors, including:

  • Being proactive. Our most valued clients understand the importance of protection-based plans.
  • Value a detailed process. Our process of working with clients goes into great detail and we work hard to get to know you, your family, and your financial goals.
  • Understand the importance of protecting, saving, investing, and behaving. We walk through each of these important stages and explain the significance of your plan.

Working with us, you don’t have to make sense of your options alone. You have a partner and an advocate to do the work for you, helping you understand your options and making recommendations that align with your circumstances. As independent advisors, we can find the product to fit our clients as opposed to fitting the clients into a limited company offering.